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Flux Power Ltd. is a new entrant to the Ultra-Rapid Charging market. We comprise a team of operators with extensive knowledge and experience in a young industry and see a different, better way forward for our Customers, Commercial Partners, and ultimately for us as a Business in this growing market. 
Flux Power’s team of Founders have been working within the UK Rapid Charging Sector since its inception over 5 years ago, as have our carefully chosen supply chain partners. We have extensive experience in this sector, along with capital investment infrastructure projects across the UK. We are well placed to deliver our plan at the speed and efficiency demanded by the EV Driver Community. 
Our objective is to build a profitable, sustainable partnership network of over 1,000 sector-leading Ultra-Rapid Charging Points within 5 years. 

The Opportunity 

New EVs to the UK market are projected to increase from just 400,000 at the start of 2022 to 3.5 million by 2027. However, less than 6,000 Rapid and Ultra-Rapid chargers are currently available in the UK. To meet the expected demand forecasted by the government and industry professionals, the UK (Ultra) Rapid charging network needs to grow by over 8 times by 2035. The current Charge Point Operators and their models are insufficient to meet this demand on their own. 

Our Solution 

Through close collaboration with our partners, we strive to develop Charging Solutions that allow us to work closer to becoming the UK’s most trusted EV Charging Brand. 
Developed specifically to be accessible to the general public, we retain ownership and management of our Charging Equipment, while working in genuine Partnerships with the landowners who help us to deliver these solutions. 
By sharing the investment in the initial property development, we ensure that landowners can maintain ownership of the value-added from any infrastructure development on site. 
Partners benefit from the revenue generated from the EV chargers, as well as a positive brand image and increased footfall and revenue generation from their existing facilities. 

Partner with us to power your journey 

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