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   Sectors & Partnerships 

Sectors & Partnerships 

We collaborate closely with partners across a number of sectors to develop our Charging Solutions. This gives us the ability to work closer to our goal of becoming the UK’s most trusted and reliable EV Charging Brand. 
Our Charging Solutions have been developed specifically to be accessible to the general public, and we ensure 24hr access to our Chargers is offered as often as it’s possible to do so. 
While Flux Power retains ownership and management of our Charging Equipment, we work in genuinely mutually-beneficial, True partnerships with landowners to deliver these charging solutions. 
By sharing the investment in the initial property development, we ensure that landowners can maintain ownership of the value-added from any infrastructure development on-site. 
In addition to a share of the revenue generated by keeping EV Chargers on your site, Partners across a range of sectors can also benefit from increased footfall and revenue generation from the existing facilities they have on-site. 
This is coupled with an opportunity to maintain the development of a positive brand image through our unique offer to brand our Charging Solutions in Partnership with you. 

Some of the sectors we currently work with to deliver state-of-art Charging Solutions include: 

General Use Car Parks 
Local Authorities 
Sports Facilities 
Property Development 

Partner with us to offer EV Charging on your site: 020 4599 8579 

Bespoke Services 

With our experience in the EV Charging market, established supply chain and support network, we also offer bespoke services for the assessment, installation and management of a wide range of EV Charging solutions suitable for different environments (including electric fleets, commercial solutions, and residential properties). 
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