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Ethics & Sustainability 

Flux Power was formed to deliver Rapid & Ultra-Rapid Charging solutions focused on Customer Experience under a set of unique, sector-leading ethical principles. 

Our Focus on the Customer Experience 

We strive principally for one purpose above all: our customers. The community of UK EV Drivers are the reason we exist and can continue to develop our EV Charging Solutions. Our customers’ needs are always at the very forefront of our decision-making process. 
From the procurement and future-proofing of our charging technology to the investment in our ongoing maintenance and 24-hour support service, we maintain sincere reliability that our customers know they can depend on. 

True Business Partnerships & Collaboration 

We don’t believe in encouraging landowners and partners to commit themselves to giving up their land for the benefit of another business in the long term without a fair share and ownership of the investment. The business relationships we form are based firmly on trust, and we aim to deliver Charging Solutions through both a genuine share in the investment and in the revenue generated. 

Open-Mindedness in a Market With Rapidly Evolving Technology 

We know the UK EV and Charging markets are still young, so we fully expect them to continue to evolve quickly, as technologies are rapidly developed and refined. 
We ensure our infrastructure developments are future-proofed to stay up to date with the progress of the industry, while our contract terms allow our partners to review their EV Charging Partner options within a reasonable timeframe. 

Environmental Impact and Sustainability 

Since this industry serves to promote a better alternative to the toxic emissions created by Internal Combustion Engines, we are determined to limit any other negative impacts our business and partnerships may have on the environment. 
From ensuring that our business dealings are completed in a digital environment wherever possible, to finding new ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our groundworks and installations - we are always seeking new ways to keep our environmental impact to the minimum. 
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